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Leah's PS Brushes

PS Brushes
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If you have resourcerequest on your friends list as well, some of these posts will be identical. This is here so that I can have mantainer status. Also, resourcerequest will only be graphics that were requested from that page. This journal will host all brushes I make. It will also host textures by goddess_naunett

Those brushes will include:
-Brushes requested @ resourcerequest
-Brushes requested @ brushbyducky01 (request in this post)
-Brushes i make on a whim

Things you may request:
-Text brushes (if they are lyrics please provide a link)
-Tiny text brushes
-Pictures (but please keep in mind those are harder so if you have a really specific request, i suggest taking it to someone with more experience)

Also, goddess_naunett will be posting texture sets. They have their own sets of rules that will be posted. Please respect and follow them.

Other Communities / Journals I Own:

+ amottie86 : my personal journal. if you happen to read my user info and are interested, then feel free to add. However keep in mind I don't post brushes there. I mostly post random ramblings about....well, my life.
+ _leahsicons1_ : my icon journal. it's friends only. that is not to keep people out, it is just so that i know who has access to my icons & banners.
+ lkkaps1 : public screen caps journal.
+ _bwayicontest_ : an icontest community that i co-mod based on broadway plays & musicals. join if you're interested. new members are always welcome.
+ boymeetworld_ic : an icontest community that i mod based on the tv show Boy Meets World. join if you're interested. new members are always welcome.

If you want to affiliate with this community, leave a comment. And please save the following in your own server:

+ crystals_grafix